February 1, 2020

Giving Opportunities

Online, Immanuel Baptist Church accepts debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal transactions.


Current Campaigns

General Operations
Gifts to General Operations allow us to maintain our building and grounds and pay our small but dedicated staff. Because it has not been specifically allocated, this money can be directed wherever the need is greatest.

Building Restoration
We are blessed with a beautiful building erected in 1926. Your donation will allow us to make much needed masonry and roofing repairs and will help to preserve the building’s historic details.

Immanuel donates each year to several regular missions. If you’d like this donation to go to a special mission, please add a note after submitting your donation.

Operations 90% / Missions 10%
A convenient option for designating 90% of your donation be allocated to General Operations and 10% to General Missions.


This community feels very blessed and we thank you!