Church Newsletters

February 2017

A note
from Pastor Wendy Fambro,

Happy February! It’s cold outside, but warm in the fellowship of the Spirit at Immanuel. Many of us are more engaged than ever in the work of God’s Kingdom within the wider community as we march, make calls, pray, and do whatever we feel called to do as disciples of Christ at this moment in history. We gather on Sundays to experience Sabbath together – to restore and renew. Though these are challenging times as a nation, they are also invigorating times as people of faith. Most recently, a number of us were able to attend an interfaith prayer service and Call to Action, along with about 500 others. An inspiring sight to behold.

In the midst of it all, Immanuel continues to challenge itself to “BECOME.” I hope that you will take a few minutes to read the letter below from our Board of Ministry, and then to pray on what you’ve read. But, one more thing before you read on… I would like to personally invite you to church this Sunday – Feb. 12 – when we will be honoring friends, old and new, and then sharing a potluck, too much chocolate, and some creative brainstorming around our future together. Please come.


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