Welcome All!

Welcome to Immanuel! We are a diverse and growing urban spiritual community rooted in a shared love for life and for each other practiced individually and in community. We are many in kind and in number, but despite our individual differences such as faith, race, gender, sexual orientation, and others, we are one human family and we are living, learning, and growing by one another in deeply meaningful ways to us as we journey on in this amazingly complex, delicate, and beautiful human experience of shared life on earth.


Our community is comprised of a unique blend of individuals, groups, and organizations. The depth and richness of spiritual wisdom and life experience among us is very great! We cherish the special opportunities they we have to connect, relate with, and learn by individuals of both likeness and of difference. We see “who we are” as being dynamic and in flux, transforming. In coming together, we risk our familiar way and become anew, as individuals, as Christians, as Buddhists, as members of each other, as members of a loving humanity, a kind of family.


  • Immanuel Baptist Church
  • White Lotus Buddhist Center
  • Area Artists Club


We invite you to come and share in our rich spiritual community life! Perhaps you might might like to sample a Sunday church service, meet the Buddhist sangha, mingle with folks who are healing and in recovery, or attend a delightful Friday night jazz concert. Here at Immanuel, the possibilities are endless and that is because of you! As we continue to cross boundaries and distinctions and to come together with open minds and within a spirit of love, healing, and respect toward all life, we are able to sense, move into, and experience new life within and among us that words cannot always express!